Call for Demonstrations

The category of research demonstrations offers a unique opportunity to showcase research prototypes, and to discuss them with an international audience of experts in pervasive computing. To promote this, Pervasive 2012 is seeking interesting and engaging demonstrations of pervasive computing technologies. Proposers are invited to submit Research Demonstrations under the general topics of the conference. Relevant topics include (but are not limited to) the following:

  1. New technologies and devices for pervasive computing
  2. New interfaces and novel interaction methods between humans and pervasive computing devices, applications or environments
  3. New tools, materials, architectures, middleware and operating systems for designing, implementing & deploying pervasive computing applications
  4. Pervasive computing tools that appropriately address challenges posed by everyday contexts
  5. Applications and devices related to privacy, security, copyright, trust and social issues and implications of pervasive computing
  6. New applications of pervasive computing technologies, which will have impacts on society, businesses and our human lives

Submission and Review Process

Pervasive demos combines a live research demonstration at the conference with a short paper describing the contribution that will appear in the extended abstracts in the conference proceedings. Submissions must be in Adobe PDF format, up to 4 pages in length and conform to the Springer-Verlag LNCS style. In addition, please answer all of the questions in Pervasive 2012 Demo Supplement and submit it along with your demo submission in the PCS submission system. All demonstration submissions will be handled using an electronic submission system. Please submit your demonstration paper to PCS.

The authors should also provide a brief sketch of the planned demonstration on an additional page. Specific requirements concerning space, power, network, and security should be stated. It is planned that wireless internet access will be provided. Accepted contributions will be published in the Adjunct Proceedings of Pervasive 2012 on a USB stick.

Critical Dates

Demo Chairs

Andreas Bulling, University of Cambridge and Lancaster University, UK
Daniel Jackson, Culture Lab, Newcastle University, UK


Microsoft Research Nokia SiDE Culture Lab
Intel WSAQualcomm Computing Community Consortium